Brucey's Banter

Time of Sowing (ToS) trials have gained momentum over the past few seasons as a way of improving grain yields by pairing the right variety and seeding date. Over the next few months our regional intern Dylan Bruce is going to keep you up to date by sharing his observations from a new GRDC project.

2nd June 2017

20170602 Brucey's Banter - Scepter and RAC2341 ToS 1 & 4

Photos taken 31st May
Above top: Scepter sown 14th March (left) & 3rd May (right)
Above bottom: RAC2341 sown 14th March (left) & 3rd May (right)

G'day folks.

As part of my internship with Hart I’ve been busy assessing wheat variety ToS trials at Hart and Booleroo.

The project involves the evaluation of 9 different wheat varieties (3 Spring and 6 Winter varieties) across 4 different ToS. Today I’ll be focussing on just 2 varieties; Scepter and RAC2341, and two ToS; 14th March (with 10 mm irrigation) and 3rd May.

As you might expect the differences in growth stages between the spring and winter varieties at each of the different ToS are very obvious.

The spring variety Scepter sown on March 14 (top left image) is past head emergence and began flowering (GS61) towards the end of May. However, when sowing at a more optimal seeding time for this variety (May 3) it is only at the 3 leaf growth stage (GS13).

In comparison, the winter variety RAC2341 sown on March 14 (bottom left) has only begun to reach the end of tillering (GS29) (transition from the vegetative to reproductive phase of its life cycle). This is mainly due to winter varieties vernalisation requirement, or period of low temperature that is needed for it to initiate the flowering process.

Similar observations are being recorded at Booleroo, where growth has progressed more slowly compared to Hart. This is mainly due to drier initial soil conditions during the first few ToS, but it has really picked up over the last month with some much needed rain. We’ll talk more about Booleroo in the next edition.

I’ll continue to update you on how the spring and winter varieties progress at Hart and Booleroo throughout the season.

Cheers, Dylan
Hart Regional Intern, 2017




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