Follow your Hart intern

A vlog (video blog) by Jade Rose, Hart's 2019 regional intern

Throughout her year with us, Jade will be posting a monthly update on all things Hart including trial work, Hart events and more.

These vlogs provide Jade with the opportunity to develop her communication and extension skills and allow us to share more about what happens at Hart.


Follow your Hart intern Episode 2, June 2019
Follow your Hart intern;
Episode 2, June 2019

Duration: 2 mins 59 seconds

Follow your Hart intern, Jade Rose; Episode 1, 2019
Follow your Hart intern;
Episode 1, May 2019

Duration: 2 mins 27 seconds

If there's something you'd like to see covered in the next video, please let us know:


Hart’s Regional Internship In Applied Grains Research provides graduate students with a stepping-stone into a career in agriculture, through hands-on experience.

It offers the successful applicant a one-year placement in applied grains research and development based in Clare, working alongside the Hart Field-Site Group’s research manager while collaborating with some of the state’s best researchers, industry, consultants and growers to deliver research projects in regional South Australia.

Supported by SAGIT and SARDI, the Hart regional internship program is currently in its fourth year. A fifth position will be offered in 2020 (to start in February). Advertising will commence in August 2019.

More details here: CAREERS



Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday October 15, 2019
5pm, at Hart, SA


Getting The Crop In seminar
Wednesday March 11, 2020 (tbc)
Clare, SA

Winter Walk
Tuesday July 21, 2020
9am, at Hart, SA

Hart Field Day
Tuesday September 15, 2020
9am - 3:30pm at Hart, SA

Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday October 20, 2020
5pm, at Hart, SA



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