Hart is proudly managed by a board of volunteers, all with a passion for broad acre agriculture.

With a deliberate mix of farmers and other professionals from across the ag industry, board members collectively provide a vast range of skills, experience and networks to the group. We cover a broad geographical area too as our team farm and work across a large part of the Mid-North of South Australia and beyond.

Successful candidates are elected at our AGM in April of each year for a three year term, at the end of which they may choose to either re-nominate or retire. Staff employed by the group are ultimately responsible to the board. Board meetings are held regularly to review and manage operations and to plan strategically for the future which means we have a clear and consistent focus; to identify the research areas that will enable growers to remain profitable and sustainable.

If you're interested in joining the board or have a research topic of interest to pass on, please feel free to get in contact with one of our board members, we'd love to hear from you.


Hart board members

Damien Sommerville, Hart chairmanDamien Sommerville - Chairman / Sponsorship
0417 850 587   l

Damien Sommerville, or Sommy as he’s known to many, is the Hart Field-Site Group chairperson.

He’s been active on the board since 2010 and got involved to give back to farming but also to broaden his networks with like-minded, passionate people involved in improving agriculture.

Damien is a farmer, spray contractor and agronomist at Spalding who is passionate about sustainable agriculture and long-term generational farming.

He is married with three children and and loves getting out with his family camping, enjoying the outdoors and sitting around a campfire.


Sandy Kimber, Hart executive officerSandy Kimber - Executive officer
0427 423 154   l

Sandy Kimber keeps the Hart Field-Site Group running smoothly as executive officer.

She has been a board member since 2008 and wears many hats in her role and her extensive knowledge and skills are second to none.

She publishes the group’s Hart Beat newsletter, manages sponsors, members, events, extension, marketing, group functions, the website…you name it, Sandy has her finger on the pulse.

Sandy is passionate about finding ways to provide information and resources to growers to help make farming better, easier and more profitable.

Outside of her Hart work, Sandy is involved in the family farm and vineyard near Clare, taking care of finance, administration and grain sales.

She has two children and loves photography, reading, movies, socialising and enjoying some of the fabulous wine the Clare Valley has to offer.

Graham Trengove, Hart finance officerGraham Trengove - Finance officer
0423 202 636   l

Graham Trengove is the Hart Field-Site Group’s finance officer, invited to take on the role in 2005 with his extensive expertise as a former economist with PIRSA.

Now retired, the role enables Graham to continue his interest in business management and economic analysis.

Graham lives in Clare, is married and has two adult children.


Matt Dare, Hart commercial crop manager

Matt Dare - Commercial crop manager
0407 463 001   l

Matt Dare joined the Hart board in 2001 and has worn many hats during his involvement including a term as chairman and a long serving representative on the sponsorship sub-committee. He has been the group’s commercial crop manager since 2014.

He joined initially to learn more about the technical side of crop production and the latest agronomy research.

In addition to his role as Hart’s commercial crop manager, Matt farms at Marola.

He has a particular interest in pulses but also innovation and improvement in agronomy and crop management, leading to increased farm productivity and profitability.

Matt is married with three children, is a die-hard Crows supporter and loves sport as an outlet outside of work including footy, tennis and cricket.


Justin Wundke, Hart board memberJustin Wundke - Sponsorship
0429 708 772   l

Justin Wundke is a broadacre farmer at Condowie with his father and brother, where they also run a few sheep alongside their cropping enterprise.

Justin, a past president of the Hart Field-Site Group, saw that joining the board in 2004 was a great way to give back to the farming community and help continue the strong traditions established by the Hart group.

Given the location of the family farm, Justin has a strong interest in profitable broadacre farming in variable rainfall country.

He also spent a year working on a farm in Canada to broaden his agriculture knowledge and experience.

Outside of farming, Justin is married with a young daughter and enjoys a hit of tennis in the summer and kicking back watching his AFL team, Geelong, during the footy season.


Leigh Fuller, Hart board memberLeigh Fuller - Sponsorship
0417 566 921   l

Koolunga farmer Leigh Fuller was elected to the Hart board in 2016 as a great way to develop his personal and organisational development and give a little back to the farming community.

Leigh has an interest in all facets of farming, particularly cropping and the technical side of it, but also enjoys working with sheep.

He is married with two children and loves to get out traveling, camping, fishing and water skiing.


Andre Sabeeney, Hart board memberAndre Sabeeney - Board member
0418 835 599   l

Andre Sabeeney joined the Hart board in 2011 seeing it as a way to get involved with a pro-active group that could have a direct and positive impact for growers.

He is employed by Nufarm Limited, working with CropCare as a technical lead, specialising in crop protection.

Outside of his work, Andre lives in Clare with his wife and two children and enjoys nothing better than getting outdoors for some camping and 4wd action.

Judy Wilkinson, Hart board memberJudy Wilkinson - Board member
0401 122 049   l

Judy, with her husband Martin and a great team of staff including her sons, operates a farming business between Lochiel and Snowtown along the Hummocks Ranges.

Judy believes and encourages a professional approach to operating farming businesses and creating environments that sustain families and farms, as an important element to South Australia’s ongoing farming sustainability. 

Judy says a professional approach in an organisation that relies on volunteers requires similar skills as operating a family run farming business, and sees her role on the Hart board as a support for this environment. 

In addition to her farming operation and Hart commitments, Judy also runs a consulting business supporting farming families with succession, business continuance and communication, and enjoys walking, water skiing, travel, book club and film club in her ‘spare’ time. 


Mick Lines, Hart board member

Mick Lines - Board member
0400 361 734   l

Mick Lines joined the Hart board in 2015 to contribute further to the grains industry and having had an insight into the group’s work through his previous employment with SARDI.

Mick now works in research and development with Dow Agro Sciences, and through his career experience has a particular interest in pulses, crop protection and advances in agronomy.

Outside of his work and Hart Field-Site Group commitments, Mick is married with four young children and lives on a small property at Auburn where he is able to run a few cattle and take a hands-on interest in pasture management.

Peter Baker, Hart board memberPete Baker - Board member
0408 272 282   l

Pete Baker joined the Hart board in 2016, but was no stranger to the work of the Hart Field-Site Group, having had an ongoing link over many years through his work as a farm production and farm business consultant.

With his experience and knowledge, he felt he had plenty to offer the group and the community and stepped up to take a position on the board.

Pete has many years of experience also in the agricultural chemical field and is very keen to see passionate people remain sustainable in agriculture.

Outside of work Pete spends his time with his wife and two daughters, enjoys a game of golf, gardening and home renovation projects.

Simon Honner, Hart board memberSimon Honner - Board member
0439 168 533   l

Simon Honner joined the Hart board in April 2017 feeling the time was right to contribute something back to the industry rather than just being on the receiving end of Hart’s field days and information sessions.

He is a self-employed agronomist and rural business consultant based at Blyth who is passionate about mixed farming enterprises that are sustainable, regardless of seasonal conditions and situations.

Outside of work, Simon is married with three children and enjoys footy, fishing and camping, as well spending a considerable amount of ‘spare’ time tending to the Blyth football oval as curator.

Deb Purvis, Hart board memberDeb Purvis - Board member
Farrell Flat 
0409 438 115   l

Deb Purvis joined the Hart board in April 2017, seeing it as a way to give back to the industry that has provided her a career and also as a way to share her expertise in finance at a board level.

Deb runs her own debt advisory business, Robinson Sewell Partners. She is a specialist in agribusiness finance, providing debt funding solutions for financial restructuring, succession planning, refinancing and business expansion/acquisitions to farmers and rural business. 

Aside from work, Deb is married with two children, lives on a farm at Farrell Flat and enjoys travel and camping…although five star accommodation is equally appealing to her!

High on her bucket list is to walk the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory.



Hart staff

Sarah Noack, Hart's research & extension managerSarah Noack - Research & extension manager
0420 218 420   l

Sarah Noack has been with the Hart Field-Site Group since 2013 as research and extension manager.

Her role includes coordination of Hart’s extensive trial program and sharing research with growers to improve farm business.

She is passionate about soil fertility and crop nutrition so her role in delivering research projects in the Mid-North is a perfect match.

Outside of work, Sarah lives at Kapunda where her home renovation keeps her busy.


Dlyan Bruce, Hart's regional intern

Dylan Bruce - Regional intern
0439 571 303   l

Dylan Bruce is the Hart Field-Site Group’s Regional Intern for 2017.

He applied for the internship seeing it as an opportunity to provide him with an abundance of networking opportunities, knowledge and experience in applied grains research that will assist his professional development ahead of a desired career as an agricultural research scientist.

Dylan is working alongside the group’s research and extension manager Dr Sarah Noack in trial planning and design, monitoring, analysis and communication of research to growers.

Dylan grew up on a farming property at Andrews and has a particular interest in broadacre cropping, plant breeding and agronomy. He has completed a Bachelor of Ag Science as well as an Honours Degree.

He is a sports fanatic, particularly of AFL and NBA where he supports the Port Adelaide Football Club and Los Angeles Clippers. Dylan also pulls on the footy boots for his local BSR Tigers football club…when he is not injured!

Sandy Kimber, Hart executive officerSandy Kimber - Executive officer
0427 423 154   l

See above for profile.





Gabrielle Hall, Hart media

Gabrielle Hall - Hart media

Gabrielle Hall has been helping get the Hart message out since 2010 as the group’s media and public relations consultant.

Having worked in agricultural and regional print and broadcast media for more than 20 years, Gabrielle helps promote Hart’s major events by writing and distributing news articles and photos through her extensive network of media contacts.

Having grown up on a farm at Jamestown, she is passionate about helping deliver the stories of rural and regional Australia to the wider community and loves nothing better than getting out, getting her boots dirty and chatting to farmers to help get the Hart story out there.

Based in Clare, Gabrielle is mum to three sports mad boys, a wife, a freelance journalist/public relations consultant and spends plenty of time on the sidelines at the local footy and cricket!



Getting The Crop In seminar
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Winter Walk
Tuesday 17 July 2018
9am, Hart site, Hart, SA

Hart Field Day
Tuesday 18 Sep 2018
9am - 3:30pm at Hart, SA

Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday 16 Oct 2018
5pm, at Hart, SA



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