Harriet's Hart Headlines

by Kaidy Morgan, Hart's 2023 regional intern

Harriet's Hart Headlines, by Kaidy Morgan; Hart intern

'Harriet's Hart Headlines' is an animated video series created, voiced and produced by our 2023 regional intern, Kaidy Morgan.

Throughout the season, Harriet will take you behind the scenes at Hart with a focus on some of Kaidy's key project work.

New episodes will be uploaded here as they drop. You'll also find them on YouTube and on our socials - check it out!


In this episode, Harriet's on tour and takes you Waite where our oat pot trials are conducted in the glasshouse - very different to our field-based work!

Harriet takes a closer look at the work we're doing to improve dry seeding outcomes. How does time of sowing and soil moisture (or lack of) interact with plant establishment and yield?


Harriet sets the scene for the 2023 season, takes a ride on a plot seeder (so much smaller than the commercial machines farmers use!) and leaves us with a hint as to what's to come in Episode 2.



Getting The Crop In seminar
Wednesday, March 13, 2024
8am - 12:30pm  |  Clare SA

Winter Walk
Tuesday, July 16, 2024
9am  |  Hart, SA

Hart Field Day
Tuesday, September 17, 2024
Hart, SA

Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday, October 15, 2024
5pm  |  Hart, SA





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