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This regional internship offers graduate students two years of training in applied grains research and development (R&D). The internship will be based in Clare, South Australia with the Hart Field-Site Group (HFSG). The intern will work with HFSG Research & Extension Manager on a daily basis, and collaborate with other researchers, industry, consultants and growers to deliver research projects in regional South Australia.

The HFSG conducts a large number of trials across the Mid-North and interns will contribute to research areas such as:

  • Weed management and control
  • Soil fertility and crop nutrition
  • Crop entomology
  • Agronomy and seeding systems

Research options may be tailored to the successful applicant's specific interests. They will gain skills in the areas of trial design and management, sampling, statistical analysis of data and written and oral communication with growers and advisers. They will also assist with the preparation of HFSG events (e.g. field days and workshops) and have the opportunity to network and attend industry events (e.g. GRDC updates).

Year 1:

The successful applicant will receive a high level of training and support in all aspects of the role.

Year 2:

A focus on consolidating learnings from the previous year with the opportunity for more independent work, while still receiving training and support where required.

Eligibility: Students who have completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences or equivalent in the past five years

This initiative has been developed and funded by the South Australian Grains Industry Trust (SAGIT), HFSG and South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)

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Hart, SARDI, SAGIT - Regional Internship position


Declan Anderson - Hart's 2021 Regional Intern


Declan (pictured) is originally from a broadacre cropping farm at Ouyen in the north western Victoria mallee region.

He completed his degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Adelaide in 2020 and had already gained some valuable trial site research experience through his work with Frontier Farming Systems.

He is particularly passionate about understanding soil constraints and management practices and is really looking forward to working on research that helps farmers maximise production and production consistency for a sustainable future.

Declan started with Hart in February 2021 and is already a key member of our team.




Learn more about the 2021 regional internship...

Hart's 2020 regional intern, Brianna Guidera

April 4, 2020

The Hart Field-Site Group’s hugely successful regional internship program will extend to a two-year tenure from next year, giving the successful applicant greater opportunity to make their mark in the grains research industry.

Applications are now open for the 2021 Regional Internship in Applied Grains Research, with students who have completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences or equivalent in the past five years encouraged to apply for the position to begin in Clare in February next year.

The Hart Field-Site Group is one of the country’s most highly-regarded for its work over almost 40 years in grains research including weed management and control, soil fertility and crop nutrition, crop entomology and agronomy and seeding systems.

The regional internship program is now in its sixth year and has been developed in conjunction with Hart, the South Australian Grains Industry Trust (SAGIT), and the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).

Hart chairman Ryan Wood said the new two-year internship model takes the program to a new level and would enable next year’s intern to play a significant role in grains industry research in South Australia.

“We’re proud of the opportunity we’re able to offer graduates to take a hands-on role in valuable grains research being undertaken in the Mid North of SA,” he said.

“The beauty of this internship is that research options can be tailored to meet the successful applicant’s specific interests in a supported environment, working alongside the Hart research and extension manager..” Read more...

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Hart's 2016 regional intern, Rochelle Wheaton   Hart's 2017 regional intern, Dylan Bruce   Hart's 2018 regional intern, Emma Pearse
Hart 2019 Regional Intern, Jade Rose   Hart 2020 Regional Intern, Brianna Guidera


Hart 2020 regional intern, Brianna GuideraApril 2020...

Hart’s 2020 regional intern Brianna Guidera has experienced first-hand the benefits of the Hart regional internship, joining the team as a post-graduate student in February last year.

She has recently completed her internship with the Hart Field-Site Group and has now moved on to further employment in the agricultural industry on Eyre Peninsula.

Brianna said the regional internship developed her skills and opened up a wide base of industry networks.

“I gained so many valuable skills as a researcher, such as understanding how to plan and manage trials, and I also became much more confident in my abilities as a young researcher as well as gaining some great connections in the agricultural industry,” she said.

“The internship gave me a really solid start to my career and it has certainly been advantageous, both in terms of finding employment and also in gaining skills.

“Undertaking the Hart Regional Internship in Applied Grains Research showed me there is so much more to research and extension than you would probably expect.

“It was a fabulous opportunity to work with a great group of people, and it sets you up well for a career in agriculture.”

Hart 2019 regional intern, Jade Rose
August 2019...

The initiative is already paying dividends for graduates keen to pursue a career in grains research and development, and 2019 Hart regional intern Jade Rose says the experience has been positive on all fronts.

“I have found the internship very beneficial in terms of improving my research skills, practical skills, and understanding agriculture from a research/industry and grower perspective,” she says.

“It has enabled me to gain a lot of new skills in field trial research and management, communication and I have learned a lot about agricultural research.

“Learning practical skills, working regionally and having interaction with numerous researchers, industry, agronomists and growers has been extremely important to my development as a researcher.

“Living and working in the Mid North has been great for personal growth, putting me outside my comfort zone and learning a lot about myself. I’ve loved working at Hart, everyone has been very welcoming and helpful and are a great and passionate group of people to work with.”  Read the full story...

Hart 2018 regional intern, Emma Pearse2018...

A desire to gain experience in agricultural research and to expand her networks in a new region inspired Emma Pearse (pictured left) from Miling in WA to apply for the 2018 regional internship.

Whilst not quite half way through her time with Hart, Ms Pearse has already been involved in trial planning, sowing and early crop monitoring.  She is excited about knowing she’ll be a part of this research right up until final analysis and reporting.

When asked about her favourite aspect of the role so far, Ms Pearse couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing.

“The interaction I’ve already had with a wide range of people in the ag industry; farmers, researchers and consultants, has been really valuable,” she said.

“I’ve been able to work directly with growers who’ve enabled me to survey their paddocks or host trials.”

“The internship has also helped increase my knowledge of grower issues in this region and helped me understand how that varies from farm to farm depending on soil, crop and disease history,” Ms Pearse said.

“This really puts our research into context - it’s easy to see the link between our research and how it benefits growers which is a great motivator,” she said. Read the full story...


Hart's 2017 regional intern, Dylan Bruce2017...

Dylan Bruce, Hart’s 2017 intern, saw the position as a chance to bridge the gap between university and industry research and something that could help expand his knowledge, experience and professional development when he applied this time last year.

“Right from the start of my internship I have been able follow on with my interest in cereal variety performance by focusing on the management of early sown long season wheats in the Mid-North as one of my main projects,” Mr Bruce said. 

“I have been able to apply the knowledge I gained during my degree and honours and put this into practice at Hart. This season has also thrown up a number of challenges such as mice, frost and dry conditions which has furthered my understanding of variety performance,” he said.

Mr Bruce also said he really appreciates the opportunities to collaborate with leading industry researchers and growers, and develop extension skills through the communication of trial progress and results to different audiences.


Hart's 2016 regional intern, Rochelle Wheaton2016...

Rochelle Wheaton
was the recipient of the first twelve month internship based in Clare beginning in 2016 and has always been interested in research and communication aspects of agriculture.

“The reason I applied for the job was to figure out if a career in research was something I wanted to pursue,” Ms Wheaton said.

During my time at Hart I have been exposed to a range of research projects that have included cereal agronomy, pulse diseases, soil science and weed management.”

“Even though my time at Hart doesn’t finish till the end of February I have already had a few conversations regarding potential job offers which is pretty exciting,” she said.






Winter Walk
Tuesday July 19, 2022
9am  |  Hart, SA

Hart Field Day
Tuesday September 20, 2022
Hart, SA

Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday October 18, 2022
5pm  |  Hart, SA



Getting the Crop In seminar
Wednesday, March 8, 2023
8am  |  Clare, SA

Winter Walk
Tuesday July 18, 2023
9am  |  Hart, SA

Hart Field Day
Tuesday September 19, 2023
Hart, SA

Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday October 17, 2023
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