Wheat in the birdcage

by Declan Anderson, Hart's 2021 regional intern

Wheat in the birdcage, by Declan Anderson; Hart intern

Declan joined the Hart team in February 2021 and will be with us for two years. During that time, he will be involved in the full range of Hart research, demonstrations and trials.

There is also has an extension component to the internship; that is, sharing information to assist farmers in achieving more productive, profitable and sustainable enterprises.

For this, Declan has chosen to focus on one of his key projects; Effect of Time of Infection of Septoria Tritici Blotch (STB) on Yield Loss in Wheat, a GRDC project in collaboration with Blake Gontar and Tara Garrard, SARDI.

He's calling it 'Wheat in the Birdcage' (read his first report to find out why...).

You'll learn more about septoria and its effect on wheat yields as you follow the progress of this trial. AND, you'll get a great insight into the life of a pathologist with a behind the scenes look at spore samples, isolates, inoculum and more.

Declan will also keep you updated on what's happening at Hart and the internship experience.

Happy reading...



Hart; wheat grain sample
Issue 4
March 1, 2022

Hart; evidence of septoria infection
Issue 3
November 2, 2021

Hart intern; Declan Anderson hand spraying septoria wheat trial
Issue 2
August 5, 2021

Hart intern; Declan Anderson
Issue 1
June 30, 2021







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