Hart Membership

Membership terms - Field Day to Field Day

Registering at the Hart Field Day will automatically renew your membership in one easy step.  If you haven’t been to our Field Day before, your membership will commence upon your first registration. The cost is just $30 / person.

What's included?

  • entry to the Hart Field Day
  • a copy of the 100+ page Hart Field Day Guide including detailed information on trials featured at the Hart Field Day
  • PLUS you'll become a financial member and eligible to nominate to the Hart board and vote at the AGM.

What if you can’t attend the Field Day?

You're welcome to renew your membership or join for the first time at any time of the year.  Download and fill in our membership application form and on receipt of your payment we’ll send you a copy of the current Hart Field Day Guide.  You can also pre-order a hard copy of this year's Trial Results Book (though remember a free copy will be available to download on our website).  PLUS you'll be supporting Hart!



Hart Beat Newsletters and Trial Results Books are no longer tied to membership - they're available for everyone to download online - for free!

We'll still be printing a limited number of hard copy Trial Results Books, but you must pre-order.
There are 3 ways you can do this:

  • at the Field Day each year when you register
  • on your membership application form (see link above)
  • via our website before February 15th each year - just head to our Trials & Results and look for the pre-order link.

Hart hats will be available for purchase at the Field Day.

If we've got your email address on file, regardless of your membership status, you'll receive an email alert to advise that our Trial Results Book or the latest Hart Beat newsletter has been released.  We'll also let you know about upcoming events etc.  So make sure you let us know if your email address has changed!



Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday 17 Oct 20175pm, at Hart, SA


Getting The Crop In seminar
Wednesday 14 March 2018 (tbc)

Winter Walk
Tuesday 17 July 2018
9am, Hart site, Hart, SA

Hart Field Day
Tuesday 18 Sep 2018
9am - 3:30pm at Hart, SA

Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday 16 Oct 2018
5pm, at Hart, SA



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