Tips for looking after your physical and emotional health, as provided to us from time to time by various sources. Look after yourself, you're important!

Ken Solly presenting at the 2017 Hart Field Day
FERTILISING THE TOP PADDOCK - (that's the one on top of your shoulders!)
Ken Solly - as presented during the lunch time address at the Hart Field Day 2017
uploaded September 2017

Simon Bryant's chicken tagine cooked at the Hart Field Day 2016
Recipe: SIMON BRYANT'S chicken & dirt(y) Yorke Peninsula kabuli chickpea tagine with harissa
uploaded September 2016

Simon Bryan't's lentil shepherd's pie HART 2016 
Recipe: SIMON BRYANT'S premium red bolt lentil shepherd's pie
uploaded September 2016

Recipe: SIMON BRYANT'S zucchini, halloumi, tomato and healthy grain salad
uploaded September 2016

You can find more REALLY GOOD Simon Bryant recipes on his website Dirt(y) Inc.

Move more, sit less!
uploaded June 2015

Recipe: BBQ pork with cabbage and apple salad
uploaded June 2015

Looking out for the signs of suicide (includes important contact details)
uploaded March 2015

Menswatch information flier
uploaded February 2015

Menswatch; Blyth program for April 2015
uploaded February 2015

Menswatch; Riverton program for April 2015
uploaded February 2015

Healthy Eating On The Go
uploaded October 2014

Do You Know Your Risk of a Heart Attack
uploaded July 2014

Managing Stress Effectively
uploaded June 2014 



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