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FACTSHEET Improving pre-emergent herbicide spray coverage in stubble retention systems
Improving pre-emergent herbicide spray coverage in stubble retention systems

How does stubble effect spray coverage?

Will the herbicide wash off the stubble?

Tips to improve your spray coverage

Are there other ways to manipulate your spray setup and improve coverage?

The Hart Field-Site Group thanks the University of Adelaide weeds team and Bill Gordon for assistance with trial development for this project. We also gratefully acknowledge SAGIT for project funding (H114).

StubbleSoil Organic Matters 2017

Over five seasons Hart and other farming systems groups in the Southern region have investigated whether soil carbon (C) content can be increased through stubble retention +/- additional nutrients to assist the breakdown of stubble.

At the conclusion of five years the project was unable to demonstrate differences in soil C between the stubble and nutrient treatments.

To view the key points and soil C results, see “Soil Organic Matters” Factsheet #4.

This project was funded by Australian Government and GRDC (CRF00002). 

Nitrogen management in wheat 2017
Nitrogen management in wheat 2017

Why are nitrous oxide emissions an issue?

Under what condition in cropping are emissions more problematic?

Nitrogen management in wheat

Using new technologies to visualise crop nitrogen demand

Hart Long term seeding systems trial 2016Hart long-term seeding systems trial 2016

A summary of sixteen years of research including five very different farmer stories

“Sixteen crops later this trial has remained one of the most popular in our program.”
Hart vice-chairman and Condowie farmer, Justin Wundke, 2016

Check out this 4 minute video clip from 2015 (thanks to SAGIT) as we sowed the trial for the 16th year.







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